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Alkaia and Draco large solid black german shepherd puppy (4)

Alkaia and Draco large solid black german shepherd puppy (4)

Alkaia and Draco large solid black german shepherd puppy (2)

Alkaia and Draco large solid black german shepherd puppy (2)

Parisia and Steel extra large silver german shepherd

Parisia and Steel extra large silver german shepherd

parisia and steel long coat german shepherd girl reviews wolfgang haus german shepherds

parisia and steel long coat german shepherd girl reviews wolfgang haus german shepherds

Zorra and Brahm long coat german shepherd

Zorra and Brahm long coat german shepherd

reviews wolfgang haus german shepherds  (1)

reviews wolfgang haus german shepherds (1)

reviews wolfgang haus german shepherds  (2)

reviews wolfgang haus german shepherds (2)

wolfgang haus german shepherd reviews te
Shannara and Brahm puppy 
extra large huge solid black german shep

Brahm and Zenzi  male puppy fully grown




Heidi-MY HERO !!!!!!!!


(10 months old)    Heidi is doing great now 10 months old.  I Thought you would like to know how amaizing Heidi is...yesterday morning i was outside (1 acre) playing with the dogs.  Well anyway I had a seizure and my husband wasn't home. At some point it started to rain. Heidi dragged me at least 60 feet to a covered patio...not sure my shirt didn't go over my head lol. She laid on me for a bit (I was in and out of consciousness) I could hear her barking. Eventually she jumped the fence and got the neighbors attention. I am so thankful for her and so proud of her.  Just wanted to let you know how Special Heidi truley is. Teresa


Now a year old she takes everyones breath away at the vet, she runs like the wind with a gorgeous gate 106# at the vet and still growing.


(1 Year old)    We share a back fence with a couple and their elderly father, we call him Grandpa Lester.  Heidi generally twice a day goes to the fence and loudly scooby doo barks to becken him and it thrills him. Last night the sun was going down, she called to him and I didn't see him.  The lights over there where mostly out. The couple had gone out.   Apparently Grandpa lester went out well before sundown to check his garden and fell. Turns out he fell breaking his hip and getting a concussion. Heidi ran to me with a desperate bark and spinning. Then she jumped the fence and found him. I called the ambulance and she stayed with him keeping him warm and kissing him. Temps had been in the mid 50s and getting dark and colder.  I had to command her to stand down so the paramedics could do their job. She saved him!  I believe your German shepherds are extremely special and blessed, Know that! 


Teresa also has told me Heidi counts the neighborhood kids who get off the bus everyday, if one is missing she gets upset and spins and barks until Teresa tells her it is alright

Heidi 10 months old

Heidi 6 weeks old

Heidi 16 mnths 106 lbs

Maximus from Steel and Lyra 


Howdy Rebecca,


  I wanted to send you an update on Maximus as of 7 and a half months old @95lbs. He’s an obsolete joy and doesn’t hesitate to astonish me with his intelligence, eagerness to learn and his natural instincts.  I couldn’t be happier with my choice in a breeder. You’ve been a great help from our first conversations, helping me find the right fit on sire and dam was very easy. I can’t thank you enough for all the updates and pictures of him from birth until the time he came home. Your website speaks the truth, Texas Sized German Shepherds. My boy is huge, his growth has been about 11 plus pounds per month of life and I am in awe over it. He’s my gentle Giant, he takes my breath away watching him grow. His most precious asset is his eyes, he has the most beautiful focus that I’ve seen. When he looks at you, you see this gentle soul staring back at you.

  Since coming home we spent many hours bonding and playing. He picks things up really fast, his natural desire to please is amazing. One thing from the start that I noticed was how he wanted to go outside rather than having an accident in the house, it almost felt as if he was pre-house broken. His constant attention shown towards me is wonderful.  From 12 weeks on we’ve been training in public (service dog tasks) but took a step back due to the unfortunate circumstances going on, but here lately we’ve picked back up and he only needed a refresher or two on public etiquette.

  He’ll be used for stability and we’ve been working towards that goal with minimal effort. His natural instincts in that area are astonishing. I’ve never worked with a dog so natural to his purpose. I do this game (what I call the beginning stages of a task) where I bend over (simulate a physical limitation) to see what he does, he immediately comes to me to see if I am ok and need help. I can’t tell you enough how grateful I am to you for him. He’s truly been an absolute god sent.


Rick Ochoa

maximus lyra and steel extra large black
maximus lyra and steel extra large black
maximus lyra and steel extra large black

Good evening.


I am writing in regards to my family's experiance with adding Bailey to our family and how she is doing. We were able to meet Bailey before bringing her home. I enjoyed meeting the mom (Kitara) and dad (Cobalt) as well. Bailey has been a blessing for our family. She adjusted well to us and our two young boys (4 and 8) and has been going to puppy training classes in Schertz, which she is doing well in. Rebecca has kept us updated and asked how Bailey has been since purchase. We have had a great experiance and will continue to love Bailey for a long time to come.




Shannan J

Bailey 15 weeks                        Bailey 7 weeks

Hi Rebecca 

     Hope you remember us, we have Max. (Duke/Ziva puppy Jan 3, 2014) Wanted to send you some updated pics and let you know we are SO HAPPY with him.  Max is not only gorgeous, he is also so smart and sweet!  Training him has been smooth and easy, he picks up things almost emmediatly.  His temperament is so calm and gentle with his family. (Do you remember you kids named him lovie dovie? He still is)

     We attended a local manners class with him from a young age and now he goes everywhere! His public manners are wonderful and he goes on walks through town and to the store (Home Depot etc) with us every weekend.  He has very good manners.  People are drawn to him, when we go out with him people always comment on how beautiful he is. We tell them about Wolfgang Haus.

     He is our baby and certainly one spoiled boy.  We absolutly love him, thank you for this blessing! Attaching pictures


Mike and Vicki and Max

Rebecca                                                                                                                          Kitara and Cobalt puppy


After losing my best friend Lobo of 12 years (also an old fashioned German Shepherd) I really didn't think I could consider getting a new puppy.  My husband insisted I look around at the very least.  And as I started looking around and inquiring. No one would even bother talking to me.  I had questions and wanted to know more about the breeders, but really they seemed so impersonal. My thought to that was, how do you even know where your babies are going?  I loved all the pictures they posted but well I wanted to know more about the parents and the people selling them.

I came upon your site and saw that it had a phone number. And well you spoke to me (one on one) about your love for your babies as well as answering all my questions.  I knew after speaking to you the first time that I would be very lucky to aquire a baby from you. And now 8 weeks later I know I have made the right choice.  The puppy I have named Jericho is thriving and is temperament is so sweet.  He has shown that he studies people and he sits quietly and calmly by me when he is unsure of his surroundings. People are mesmerized by him being a puppy and so in control. He is growing so fast.  I love it that he still runs to me when my husky tries to take a toy from him. Even though they are now almost the same size. I will always miss my first german shepherd and the tears will come unannounced, but Jericho has found a way to dry some of those thank you a million times.....and the my new friend is still not enough




long coat solid black german shepherd, w

Brahm and Storm female 

Kattleya and Brahm son

wolfgang haus german shepherds reviews t
long coat solid black large german sheph
Ginger solid liver chocolate german shepherd from Coco and Brahm 
ginger review wolfgang haus german sheph
ginger solid chocolate liver german shep
ginger solid liver chocolate german shep
solid liver german shepherd puppy wolfga

Bella-Lives in San Antonio


Owner says

I've had good shepherds in the past, but the combination of Cobalt and Savannah?  Was the perfect combination. She has great temperament and is the best behaved and easiest trained dog I've ever been around. I feel lucky. She minds anyone I have left her with or has watched her. She sits directly by my dinner plate while I eat and never tries sneaking food. She responds to verbal and hand commands, and we trained her with only praise no treats. She loves everyone she meets

Max is in his first level of obediance and doing very well. He is so smart. He is a wonderful boy and we feel so blessed to have him :) Will keep you posted on his progress. He is sooo loving we hope to pursue a therapy dog program with him.



Max is about 4.5 months old in this picture and is a Ziva and Duke male

Oakley is doing very well. We love her and she is SUCH and amazing family dog. No matter where we go or what we do, she sticks by us with or without a leash and LOVES playing and being around Nick (13) Josh (12) as if they where her brothers. She is almost one and I am simply impressed, having had German Shepherds when I was growing up and in High school.


Simply put...we love her thank you




Oakley is a puppy from Bleau and Duke

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