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Here at Wolfgang Haus the health of our dogs and puppies is very important to us, not only as they grow, but after they are an adult. On this page I am going to cover some things that will hopefully help anyone who may have questions or concerns or just wants some good info. Included will be links to where I have gotten my info 

-Early spay and neuter

-Over vaccination

-Plants and foods to avoid and other hazardous things

-links to training and possible solutions for puppies and adult dogs

     First I am going to cover some general health. I like to use NuVet Plus to keep puppies and adults in optimum health. We are also a distributer of this amazing product so if you feel you would like to try NuVet, wich is 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back, use my code 67725 when calling 1-800-474-7044 or there is a link to your right. This is an amazing product, only made with human grade ingredients and the ingredients are amazing, you can look at them and what they do for your beloved pet below

Very interesting read about canine hip dysplasia and it not being genetic, but can be greatly helped with supplements, click the button to find out more

Early spaying and neutering raising the risk of hip dysplasia and more. It has been found in several different studies now that getting a dog neutered before 1 year of age can significantly raise the risk of hip dysplasia, urinary incontinence,crucial ligament tears, increase of cancer, and even behavior issues.  I have included links to some sites so you can see for yourself. I have also had some vets tell me that it is not true, some want more money and will tell you early spay and neuter is best, but its really only best for them

Exercise for your puppy-Exercise is very important to your growing large breed puppy, you don't want to give them to much and on the right surfaces

     Stay away from forced exercise- Forced exercise is defined as "anything beyond what the dog would engage in with dogs of the same age." Gentle play time with other like aged puppies? A-OK. Running around with active adult dogs, meanwhile, is bad (the puppy will overdo it trying to keep up with the big guys). Fence-running, excessive ball/stick/Frisbee chasing, and jogging with the owner are considered "forced exercise. Also Agility training should be held off until the growth plates are closed at about a year old or 12-15 months. However your puppy does need some exercise to keep their muscles strong to support the growing bones and joints     

     Surfaces your puppy grows on plays a role in how their joints grow, there has been a lot of evidence that environmental factors play a larger role in hip dysplasia even more then genetics.  Puppies less then 3 months raised on slippery surfaces and have access to stairs on a daily basis had a higher risk of hip dyslpasia, while those who are allowed off-lead exercise on soft, uneven ground (such as in a park) have a lower risk.

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