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I want to include some information and links to things our fury friends like here at Wolfgang Haus German Shepherds

Our gorgeous Maine Coon Cats raised here at Wolfgang Haus with and around puppies for socializing of both

All our cats our European Imports

despacito extra large cat maine coon kit
Kuranda beds, our dogs love these, and the metal frame ones are practically indestructible and orthopedic, not to mention they have some really nice covers for them,  even one with a cool headboard like mommy and daddys bed, also they offer cat towers

Satin balls recipe for weight gain

This a great healthy way to add weight if you have a rescue or just need to put a little weight on your dog

Satin Balls Recipe

a'Blaze Siberians

We are proud to introduce a breeder of some wonderful cats, the gorgeous and hypoallergenic long coat Siberians with wonderful import cats

Kittens coming soon

We really like Cesar's way and try to implament it in our own training. We highly recommend being the pack leader, and staying calm and assertive. He has a lot of great information on his site, please take the time to take a look

Victor Nutra Pro is what all our dogs eat, they grow great on it and it is all USA made  We have tried several different brands of dog food and love the Victor, you can get it at tractor supply, feed stores and here at 
Victor Nutra Pro dog food.jpg  We love our AKC all of our dogs are AKC registered and they do offer a lot for extra information
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