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All puppies are sold on a limited registration-meaning I do not sell to breeders, all my puppies go to pet homes only!!!




     You can make deposits using Paypal or we take most major credit cards but please contact me first to make sure puppy is available. Deposits are $300 non-refundable but are transferable and price of puppies range from $1500-3000 depending on who the parents are and sex of puppy, rare color etc males are generally higher.

Deposits are non refundable but are transferable to another litter


All of our puppies are exposed to early neurological stimulation

Benefits of early neurological stimulation include 

                                          Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate)

                                                               Stronger heart beats

                                                             Stronger adrenal glands

                                                             More tolerance to stress

                                                       and greater resistance to disease






































These are our upcoming litters, I will post when the breeding takes place and when the approximate due date is.  We do take deposits for upcoming breedings, but please understand that even though we have proven breeding dogs, some litters may not take place as planned, sometimes a breeding doesn't take or is lost before birth, sometimes we have mostly girls in a litter or mostly boys, usually it is about half and half, but occasionally mother nature has different plans.  We do our best at making everyone happy and getting you that dream German Shepherd you have always wanted, but please bear with me as working with mother nature doesn't always go as planned
































      Getting a puppy is a big decision and a bigger commitment,  please understand they are living breathing creatures with feelings and will usually live 12-15 years maybe more. They will give their life for you and be by your side no matter what. Please make sure this is something you really want and can manage, especially the puppy stage ( they are like getting a new baby) before taking the next step.  If for some reason you do get one of our puppies and decide it isn't working out for you please contact me ASAP.  I will not give full refunds as there are certain complications that go with bringing a puppy back, but I am always willing to work with everyone

We are working on all the updates for our upcoming litters, please contact me if you have any questions 210-584-7547

All puppies are sold on AKC limited registration, Meaning NOT for breeding, Pets only
Kattleya and Rock 
Due November 14-17
Gorgeous large black and reds long coats maybe and standard coats, super happy go lucky loving playful puppies, can't go wrong with these puppies should have supurb temperaments
1st pick male reserved
2nd pick male-reserved
1st pick female-open

Just a little note, our mobile version sometime omits things, we try to keep it updated, but for best updates please visit our page on the full PC version

Prada and Drak
Due December 24-26
Gorgeous large solid black and black and tans and reds, all long coats. Good strong temperaments, very smart
1st pick male reserved
2nd pick male-open
1st pick female-reserved
2nd pick female-reserved
3rd pick female-reserved
4th pick female-reserved

Lyra and Steel

Have Bred and are

Due November 22-26

Going to be extra large black and silver, white, and silver sable. Very outgoing sweet puppies with high trainability and willingness to please

Males $2500

male 1 -available

male 2-available

male 3 -available

females $2000

female 1-reserved

female 2-reserved

female 3- available

Coco and Rogue

Bred and are due November 21

they will have very large standard coated puppies, with medium to low drives, very sweet loving temperments, easy to train.


colors should be Isabella, blue, solid black, solid liver or chocolate, liver/blue and tan and  black and tan


liver,blue or isabella-Males 3000

1st -reserved

2nd reserved

standard color males 2500

1st reserved

2nd available

liver females-2500

1st reserved


standard color females 2000

1st reserved

Chanel and Steel

Going to have some gorgeous easy going and outgoing puppies,  very large and straight backs.  We should have white, silver sable, black and silver with wolf mask and maskless.

Both long and Short / Standard coats

Atalia and Steel

Repeat breeding, absolutly gorgeous, easy to train puppies with a high willingness to please. All long coats black and tans and reds

1st pick male-reserved

2nd pick male

1st pick female

2nd pick femlae

breedings planned for 2020
Destiney and Rogue
Destiny and Rogue will have some amazing puppies huge size and laid back sweet temperaments, long coats and short black and tans and reds

Bella and Rogue

Early 2020

will be very large easy going sweet temperaments

great for therapy or just wonderful family companions. Should be all short coat

in Isabella, liver, blue, and black and tan bicolor or blanket backs

Veda and Rock
Stunning super smart super loving black and red standard coat puppies, should be large size with nice big heads and big hearts

Senga and Drak


Very nice black and red and black and tans and solid black with Drak possibly sable puppies, wonderful easy to train puppies, with outgoing temperaments. We should have a mix of long coat and standard coats

Males -$2500

1st reserved

2nd reserved

3rd available


1st reserved

2nd available

3rd available

Parisia and Brahm

or Rogue

Should be breeding winter 2019/2020

We should have loving loyal and active large puppies.  We should have solid black, maybe white and wolf mask and possibly liver in both long coat and short liver $500 extra

Males $2500

1st available

2nd available

Females $2000

1st reserved

2nd available

Roma and Rogue

Should be breeding probably early 2020, very large easy going wonderful temperaments in long coat and short coats. Solid black and bicolors, possibly liver.  liver is  $500 extra

Males $2500

1st reserved

2nd available

Females $2000

1st reserved

2nd available

Breeding to produce only the finest German Shepherds for sale in TEXAS!!!

 Check our Pictures of some of our past puppies on the past puppies page and testimonials

 I can recommend an excellent breeder in Florida, she has some amazing puppies right now. Our Elise came from there and she has some amazing puppies to offer right now.  Give her a call and tell her you got her name and number from Wolfgang Haus German Shepherds.
Tina Daly at 941-321-2305
her website is www.ruskinhouseofshepherds.com
Breeder of all popular and rare colors; black and red, black and tan, sable, solid black, solid white, silver, silver sable, black sable, liver, panda and blue German Shepherds with standard, plush, and long coat.
If you are looking for puppies here in Texas I can also recommend
tipi s ranch
or call 936-395-0143

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