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Females Here at Wolfgang Haus

Here at Wolfgang Haus we select our females very carefully, to choose health, drive,  temperament, beauty and size to produce only the best of the best for you and your family.


click on picture or their name to see more about each dog

Elara Moon blue sable german shepherd (6)
Radar the black and red german shepherd (8)
silver sable wolf mask german shepherd  (7)
Aurora solid black long coat german shepherd (3)
black sable long coat german shepherd out of Elise and King
Destiny large long coat black and red german shepherd
zorra wolf mask long coat german shepherd  (2)
Serilda ddr black long coat german shepherd (5)
blue sable german shepherd (1)
Inali black sable long coat german shepherd (1)
Justice extra large german shepherd in texas (4)
bella the isabella extra large german sh
black and red long coat european imprt german shepherd dog in texas
kattleya black and red long coat german shepherd in texas
red sable long coat german shepherd tx, maskless german shepherd in texas, wolfgang haus german shep
wolf mask german shepherd silver sable german shepherd
Mazekeen solid black long coat german shepherd extra large giant german shepherd (2)
Saphire blue long coat german shepherd (1)
silver sable hobo wolf mask german sheph
Mokara the black orchid solid black long coat german shepherd (11)
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black sable long coat german shepherd ou
bella the isabella extra large german sh
wolfgang Haus Parisia silver sable wolf
Mazekeen solid black long coat german sh
alkaia silver sable giant german shepherd (2).JPG
blue sable german shepherd (3).JPG
     Inali is a great super loving girl, always ready to go on an adventure, especially if it involves playing in water. Super outgoing and very friendly, just a happy happy girl. She is out of our amazing wolf mask Elise and King a gorgeous black sable long coat, just like her



     Bella is a super amazing super sweet girl, very tall and athletic girl, yet just loves to cuddle. Bella is a fairly rare color in the german shepherd world, she is both liver and blue making her an Isabella in color. She is 100% healthy her color does not change that at all, she just has a little special icing.   Her mom is our Coco and Dad is an outside male named Logan.  



    Parisia is a wonderful girl, nice thick girl with a very loving temperament. Parisia is what we call a silver sable wolf mask German Shepherd. She is 100% German Shepherd she just has a facial marking that makes her look a little wolf like. Parisia also carries the liver/Chocolate gene from her mother Roma



      Saphira is an amazing smart girl with a perfect medium energy, out of our amazing whiskey and wolf mask girl Elise. She should bring some amazing temperaments into all her puppies just like her parents


   Gorgeous big tall girl Mazikeen is out of our Steel and retired girl storm, she is a dominant black long coat, so she can have solid black with any male, not to mention she has an amazing temperament like both her parents, super outgoing and friendly, she is a brave and loyal girl who loves to play in water and just be loved on.  She will be having some super wonderful puppies  coming late 2020 to early 2021


   Gorgeous silver sable absolute sweetheart, gentle and always by my side Alkaia is very tall girl and very smart out of the very well known Royalair bloodlines, bred for health size and wonderful temperament, and does this girl have an amazing temperament.  

Elara Moon
     Elara is a super sweet blue sable girl out of a solid blue boy and Royalair lines, She is super outoing and loving happy happy girl. Loves to play and just love on you.
zorra wolf mask long coat german shepher
     Zorra is a super amazing girl, She is out of our amazing Kitara and Real Steel. She has the best temperament, calm intelligent and confident, yet sweet as pie and so gentle.  I am super proud of this girl, not only does she have the temperament we strive for here, but she got the amazingly beautiful wolf mask from her mother
solid black long coat german shepherd Aurora.JPG


Aurora is a wonderful girl out of Brahm and Kattleya, with a wonderful sweet yet easy going personality she is a wonderful addition her with her parents wonderful super thick and laquer black coat and her  amazing temperament


    Radar is a really easy going girl out of our Whiskey Bear and Import girl Atalia, she carries for long coat, solid black, blue and liver and a super amazing wolfgang Haus temperament that we strive so hard for, she should have some amazing puppies that should excel at therapy and family pets

black and red long coat german shepherd
bicolor silver extra large straight back
     An amazing girl here, very sweet and loyal, out of our Shannara and Ruger full brother to our Kitara, large boned and heavy coated wuth a big wonderful heart
     Just sweet sweet Justice, This girl is the most loving sweet girl you will meet. Out of our old wolf mask lines her dad is a 127lb silver wolf mask and her mom a solid black from outcross lines. Love for her people to no end and a nice easy going girl with intelligence to boot.
      Just gorgeous and super sweet girl, the sweetest on the block, she loves attention and loves people, very smart with a med-high energy level but not over the top. She will run and play with the best of them and then come in to cuddle. She is out of our Amarok and beloved, but now retired Chanel
She carries for solid black and white
       White long coat large girl from some amazing lines that have produced some fantastic therapy dogs. Daenerys is one of the best girls with a very good medium drive and energy. She is very loyal and loves her family along with most anyone she meets. 

Breeding to produce only the finest German Shepherds for sale in TEXAS!!!

Retired girls
     Ziva is one of my best girls, she is so loving to her family and is the best mother. She is one huge girl with some massive bone and a heart to match. She comes from some impeccable Kiest Haus lines, including many working lines such as Agar z Pohranicni Straze.  She is a very well rounded female and puts her wonderful playful and loving personalities into her offspring


     Kitara was bred here, her parents are Duke and Ziva. She is exhibiting a wonderful temperament already she is very calm and loves everyone including the cats and the kids.  Kitara also loves to play ball and is great with every animal here on our small farm.  She is going to be very  very large she has already outgrown her parents. 



     Such a wonderful girl. Storm comes from very large lines and is just so awesome i can't say enough about her, she loves to play but even more loves to please her family, she is always by my side and I am sure would give her life for the ones she loves. Not to mention she is absolutly stunning that photos do not do her justice. Thanks to my good friend Jennifer. She will hopefully be having her first litter early 2015



     Roma is an outstanding girl, she is out of our very own lines here and are very proud to own her, She has a great temperament, nice easy going and very smart and easy to teach.  She is also just stunning and should put her same amazing temperament in her puppies to come


     Prada is a wonderful girl, she is one who just loves everyone and wants to be by your side no matter what, she is also very playful like her father Ruger. Prada is a long coat champagne German Shepherd just a gorgeous gorgeous girl with a temperament to match



     Atalia is a gorgeous black and red European import. She has a wonderful super thick long coat. The most impressive temperament, she is soo sweet with the kids and yet loves to play and run all day. She is very easy to train and will produce some amazing and beautiful puppies. 

Silver sable extra large german shepherd
      Lyra is an amazing girl, she is a beauty both inside and out, very outgoing loving everyone. Super intelligent and easy to train, not to mention she is a large girl. 
silver sable wolf mask german shepherd.J


     A lovely very sweet very large extremely gorgeous girl, she is the rare chocolate or liver color and also carries for blue and solid. She is as sweet as pie and I am so very happy to have her here with us

      Elise is one amazing girl, she is super sweet and loving and extremely easy to train.  This girl can do it all.  She has the lovely wolf mask and will produce some amazing puppies in every aspect.


     Kattleya is an amazing girl, very thick and extremely solid girl. Very steady temperament, loving and playful and very very easy to train

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