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Our Story


      Here at Wolfgang Haus German Shepherds we love our dogs as much as they love us. I started about 10 years ago with my first German shepherd a solid black female with nice big bones and a wonderful med to low drive, whom I got from my cousin Torri Lancaster at Tipi S. Ranch. She was a fabulous very large solid black girl who loved kids and her family with her whole heart.   Always loving dogs with my whole heart as a child, but not being able to have one in the house due to my mothers severe allergies and then having such a wonderful wonderful purebred dog, I decided I needed to help bring more dogs like this into the world so others can know the love and loyalty and just plain amazingness of the German Shepherd.   So I found a male, a wonderful solid black boy from working lines with many SCHH title dogs in his background, so easy to train and loyalty like no other, my boy Cobalt just made everything perfect.


      A few years later we where able to move to the country, 6 acres just SE of San Antonio Tx. The most beautiful piece of land with tons of  spring wildflowers and lots of old mesquite trees. Now having more space I decided I needed to add something even better to my lines, I had always admired the old fashioned style German Shepherds, especially the oversized ones (oversized to todays AKC standards) I found a long time breeder of these gentle giants, Judy Kiest from Kiest haus Giant German shepherds who   specifically breeds for these oversized wonderful shepherds. After some time talking to her I finally got my Ziva.  Ziva is a super wonderful girl, very large with paws and a heart like a lion, and she is one of the sweetest girls I have, just wants to be loved by everyone all the time. I couldn't be happier with her.  Then I found Duke, from Snowcloud lines, and oh my he puts the words Gentle giant to very good use, he could be in the dictinary under Gentle giant. Those 2 were the perfect combination producing 3 of the BEST dogs I have ever owned, Kitara, Ruger, and Zenzi. Their sister Hiedi is on our testimonials page and you HAVE to read her stories, I'm sure there are more to come too. We now have 4th generations of these lines and are hoping to continue it for a very very long time.

     We are continuing to work with other breeders who have our same goals and are trying to bring back the shepherd to what it used to be and much much more. I can highly recommend a few of them, especially if we don't have what your looking for or if you are just not in our area and want to find something wonderful more local







     We are working on some YouTube videos of our place and we are working on getting more and always working on improving for us and the Dogs, 

Dreams for the future are to build a huge covered arena type area with an agility course among others







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