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Purchase Price and Agreement

All our dogs are sold with AKC limited registration

They also come with a 1 year health guarantee


Contact  210-584-7547

Males start at $2,500 for AKC limited registration

Females start at $2,000 for AKC limited registration

special harder to find colors -blue, Liver, wolf mask and Isabella are $500- $1000 extra AKC limited registration



Deposit-$500 nonrefundable but is transferable deposit will reserve your puppy today, deposit will be applied to total price of your puppy.  Puppies are chosen in order of deposit received. Deposits are non-refundable, but are transferable. I do accept pay-pal for deposits and or payments as long as it is 2 weeks before the puppy is going home. Puppies go home at 8 weeks.


Due to new USDA rules we cannot ship puppies via airlines without the new owner, if you can fly here I am able to meet you at the airport with the puppy and you can fly with the puppy home.  I do also have a few friends who travel and may be willing to transport a puppy to his/her new home for a fee. Contact me for more details



Pet Guarantee and Sales Contract Wolfgang Haus German Shepherds

Rebecca Rogers

13209 Laguna Rd

San Antonio Tx 78223



    1. Breeder/Seller guarantees hips of puppy for 1 year of any crippling hip dysplasia.  If crippling hip dysplasia does occur a replacement pup will be provided to buyer at no extra cost. However if shipping is needed that will be the responsibility of the buyer. OFA results will need to be provided by the buyer along with written statements with addresses and phone numbers of a licensed veterinarian.  The orthopedic foundation needs to confirm crippling genetic HD to verify that the dog or puppy has a genetic defect covered by this agreement.  If just one hip/elbow is effected even the slightest injury can cause a hip/elbow to fuse incorrectly.  Genetic hips/elbows are when they are both effected. Breeder/Seller is not responsible for any vet bills accrued after buyer takes puppy into their possession. Once all documentation has been received seller will provide another puppy of equal or lesser value of sellers choice. 

    2.  Highly recommended Puppy should be kept on a high quality growing supplement like Nujoint plus and Nuvet plus for the first year  (use my code 67725 when ordering).  Also puppy should not taken for long runs, trained in agility or over exercised until at least 1 year when the body is more fully grown.   

     3.  It is highly recommended that new owner neuters or spays puppy to avoid unwanted breeding, but puppy is not to be fixed until 1-2 year of age unless otherwise expressed, if buyer fixes dog before 1 year then hip guarantee is void. EARLY SPAY AND NEUTER RAISES THE CHANCES OF HIP DYSPLASIA BY 40-50% If buyer breeds dog without notifying seller then buyer will pay $10,000 for each breeding and return dog to seller, by signing this contract buyer agrees to pay this fine. Legal actions will be taken if buyer does not abide by this contract.  

    4. Breeder/Seller guarantees for 1 year puppy to be free of any life threatening genetic defects

    5. Breeder/Seller is not responsible for any vet bills after puppy leaves sellers possession

    6. All breeding dogs will be registered using Wolfgang Haus in the name ex: Ziva von Wolfgang Haus or Wolfgang Haus's Real Steel and only registered with the AKC and no other registry or fines will be assessed. 

    7. For contract to be valid buyer must take puppy to a licensed vet within 14 days of picking up puppy or puppy arriving with buyer and be fed a good quality food

    9. If new owner/buyer of puppy is unable to care for the said puppy they will contact the breeder Wolfgang Haus German Shepherds/Rebecca Rogers before placing puppy, I will either take the puppy back or help find a reasonable home for the puppy. If puppy is returned only half the money will be refunded in the first 14 days, unless puppy is injured or sick, then no money's will be refunded.  Anytime after the 14 days there will not be any refund.

  ________________10. For breeding dogs only,  If signed, then puppy is sold on full registration and may be used for breeding. Buyer must sell all puppies at no less then $1,700, If dog is breed without permission from seller buyer will pay seller $3,000 per puppy or minimum $10,000 and dog will be returned to seller.

     11. If any legal actions are needed all court proceedings will be brought to Bexar county Texas 

     12. Breeder/seller reserves the right to take puppy back if breeder/seller has reason to believe the puppy is not being cared for or is being abused in any way.

     13. Puppy will only be registered with AKC any other registry is considered breech of this contract and will result in puppy being returned to breeder/seller

Buyer Signature ________________________________________ Date ____________


Buyer Printed name_______________________________________





AKC#_________________________________     MALE/FEMALE

Dam Name__________________________________________ Sire Name____________________________________________

Seller Signature _________________________________________ Date  _____________





non-refundable but transferable
please contact me 210-584-7547 or specify which litter or puppy 
by placing the deposit you agree to our guarantee/contract

forms of payment accepted

-cash in person -preferred 

deposits can only be placed electronically or in person remaining amount must be in cash when you pick up your puppy



-Google pay

-Credit card by phone or in person

-Paypal but only friends and family as they have taken to hold money  until I prove shipping which can get complicated when puppies are picked up in person

We recommend NuVet Plus and NuJoint Plus for a stronger immune system and strong growing joints  Call 1-800-474-7044 use code 67725 or visit

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